Tezos-Launch Update - 04 April 2018

When will Tezos launch?

Today the Tezos foundation announced the possible release dates of the Tezos blockchain.

According to the Tezos foundation's announcement the Tezos network will launch Q3/2018.



Beta-Net release

Betanet will be released in the second quarter of 2018 (Q2 2018) 

Main-Net release

The mainnet release will occur afterwards in the third quarter 2018 (Q3 2018)

Source:Tezos Foundation Link to article


More info on Tezos development:

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  • The Tezos Foundation expanded their board by seven experts.
  • The development team in Paris was expanded and resources were added.
  • The foundation set up subsidiaries in Switzerland (also known as cryptocurrency paradise) and France
  • A new website will be created to provide details to participate in the betanet.


Progress on the Tezos network

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According to the Tezos Foundation these recent milestones were achieved:

  • Completion of proof-of-stake
    • Tuning of parameters
    • Roll aggregation at delegate level
    • Stake activity monitoring
  • Preparation for external review (being done by Inria)
    • Internal review of the code
    • Documentation
    • Refactoring of the code base
  • Integrating context hashes in block headers (important for checkpointing and light client)
  • Peer blacklisting & whitelisting
  • Unit testing and integration testing (doubled amount of test)
  • Improve CLI wallet:
    • Key encryption
    • Javascript port of the base library
    • Modularization of signature
    • Support for HD wallets
  • Profiling and optimization:
    • Roll snapshot optimization
    • Bench with LMDB
    • Improved locator selection
  • Support for the secp256k1 curve

Source: Tezos Foundation Link to article


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