Tezos-Launch Update - 30 June 2018

When will Tezos launch?

Today the Tezos Betanet Launched 


Betanet Launch:

As promised by the Tezos foundation the Betanet launched today (end Q2 2018).

Please note that this network is still experimental.

Every transactions done on the betanet will be merged to mainnet. So stay safe.



Be aware of Phishing! Never ever ever ever expose your private keys, your activation keys etc. to any third party
Check the Betanet:
Blockexplorer already support Betanet like: 



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Tezos-Launch Update - 29 May 2018

When will Tezos launch?

Today the Tezos foundation announced that preparations for Betanet release are in progress.



Beta-Net release

Final preparations for release in the second quarter of 2018 (Q2 2018) 

Main-Net release

The mainnet release will follow the betanet release once it is stable

Source:Tezos Foundation Link to article


Important: Check you contribution
The Tezos Foundation released a tool to check your contribution during the ICO. Check your balance because it is part of the Genesis block of the Tezos blockchain. The genesis block is the initial block in the blockchain and determines your XTZ balance.
Check your contribution here:



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Tezos-Launch Update - 8 June 2018

When will Tezos launch?

Today the Tezos foundation announced a KYC/AML process for all contributors




As the Tezos foundation is facing a rapidly evolving regulatory landscape. Therefore the Foundation has to implement a KYC/AML process.

The Tezos foundation is partnering with a third-party vendor to check the identity of the contributors.

Source: Tezos Foundation Link to article


Important: Do the AML/KYC check to receive your Tez
You have to do the KYC/AML check to receive your Tez from the ICO. You will receive an activation code once the process is finished. You can do the check before launch to receive your Tez immediately at launch.
You can begin the KYC/AML process here:



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Tezos Foundation Homepage Facelift

- 21 May 2018 -

New Tezos homepage live! 

View the new website: New Tezos Foundation Website

 What can you find on the new Tezos homepage?

Short information

Short information on the Tezos platform, the built in governance, the security and the proof of stake algorithm.

Check your contribution

On check your contribution you can enter your Tezos public key to get information on your current Tezzies balance from the ICO. If you did not participate in the initial coin offering of Tezos you have no balance. Please note - NEVER expose your private key(s) on any website.

View Developer Docs

You can check out the developer docs on Tezos.

Most important content: In these developer resources you find infos on how to participate in the Tezos Alphanet.

  • How to join the alphanet?
  • How to observe the network?
  • How to obtain free Tez from the faucet contract?
  • How to play with smar-contracts?
  • How to stake on the alphanet?


 View the documentation here: Tezos-Alphanet-Documentation


 Stay tuned on Tezos:






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