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General Information

Tezos is a next generation cryptographic ledger that governs itself by establishing a digital commonwealth. As any other cryptocurrency it can be stored in multiple ways. Tez can be stored in so called wallets. This guide will show you the possibilities to store your Tezos safely.

Currently there are just a few ways to store Tezos. The site will be updated. Stay tuned:

Storing Tezos

Tezos can be stored in a wallet. You can store them in different ways.
In general a wallet consists of the private and the public key. The public key is used to receive Tezos. The private key is used to access your Tezos wallet and to send any transaction.
The puclic key looks like this:
The private key is a phrase to access your Tezos wallet and can look like this:
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Please note that who is in possession of the private key is the owner of the Tez which are stored in the wallet.

Official Wallets

Currently there is no official Tezos wallet of the Tezos Foundation.

(Except the possibility using the command line)

Propably there will never be an "official" wallet, as the Tezos Foundation hands on the project to the community.

Stay tuned for any updates


Paper Wallets

Every private key can be printed out and you can store that at any point you want. So, a paper wallet is a printout of your private key.
Make sure to store it safely. Please keep in mind theft and also fire or water damages.

Hardware wallets

Hardware wallets look like USB devices and contain your private key securing them by a closed environment, not connected to the internet.
Here you find the current Tezos support of Ledger and Trezor.

Tezos Wallet Support


Tezbox GUI available for Ledger Nano S


Go to Ledger.com

Tezos Wallet Support


Tezos wallet support for Trezor Model T


Go to Trezor.io

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet

Available Tezos Web Wallets

A web wallet is an online wallet. Please note that you have to expose your private key. If the web wallet is fake or belongs to a fraudster your Tez are gone.
Currently there is no official Tezos wallet. Here you find a list of the most trusted web wallets:

Thanos Wallet

Galleon Tezos Wallet

How to store and delegate Tezos on Ledger Nano S

Video Tutorial (Windows 10)


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