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How to Leverage Trade Tezos

– Tezos margin trading guide –

What is margin Trading

Margin trading or leveraged trading, is a special form of (crypto) trading. It is based on lending funds for a fee from the exchange. That means that you can trade with larger amounts, which increases your earning potential, but also the risk.

Tezos leverage trading is possible on several exchanges.

Find below the best exchanges to margin trade Tezos (XTZ).




Trust: high

Leverage up to: 3.0x

Fees: low


Deposit options: BTC, Wire



Trust: high

Leverage up to: 3.3x

Fees: low

Trading pairs: USDT/XTZ, BTC/XTZ

Deposit options: BTC, Wire


Disclaimer: This is not an investment advice. Buying cryptocurrency is a high risk investment and can result in a total loss. Please do your own research. Especially margin trading bears higher risk, and can result in a total loss of your investment.

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