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How to buy Tezos with Bitcoin on Binance 

How to buy Tezos on

– Buy Tezos on worlds largest cryptocurrency exchange –

How to buy Tezos with Bitcoin on


Binance is the worlds largest exchange by trading volume. The crypto exchange offers more than 100 digital currencies. Tezos is fully tradeable since 24 September 2019.

Does Binance support Tezos deposits, trading, wallets & withdrawals? - YES

Find below the tutorial to trade Tezos on Binance:


Step 1:
Register an account

Go to

Info: Please note that the exchange requires KYC.

Step 2:
Deposit funds to Binance

Go to wallets

For trading on Binance you need to deposit cryptocurrency in order to trade.

After you already created an account, switch to wallets and select "Exchange Wallet".

Binance Tezos Trading Wallet


Go to the wallet section and click "DEPOSIT".

You will see your Bitcoin deposit address.

Funding Binance Wallet Tezos Tutorial


Send Bitcoin to your deposit address. After the transaction is completed and confirmed on the blockchain, you can start trading.

Deposit address Binance Tezos Tutorial

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How to buy Bitcoin easily!

How to buy Bitcoin to get Tezos

To get Tezos you can buy Bitcoin with Euro, Dollar, Pound, Swiss Franc or any other currency. Here you find a selection of the fastest and most trusted exchanges in Europe and United States to buy Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. 

Easy and fast Bitcoin Exchanges to get Tezos

Here you can find fast, easy and trusted bitcoin exchanges to convert any currency into Bitcoin.

Buy Tezos via

The fastest way to buy Bitcoin in Europe and to get Tezos is via You can use instant payment methods like credit card (Visa or Master Card), Neteller, Skrill or Sofort/Klarna-Transfer to buy BTC, LTC, BCH, XRP & Dash. Also SEPA (not instant) deposits are available.

You can instantly exchange Euro, British Pound and Swiss Franc into Bitcoin or any other available cryptocurrency.

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Buy Bitcoin via Bitpanda to get Tezos

Buy Tezos via

The easiest way to get Tezos in America is to buy Bitcoin on with US Dollar. 

Afterwards send them to an exchange with XTZ support.

Coinbase supports wire transfers and credit card payments to buy Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin & Ethereum.

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Buy Tezos on Coinbase

Buy Tezos via provides the purchase of cryptocoins almost worldwide using your credit or debit card.

Currently Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Etherum, Litecoin, Cardano are supported.

The best way to get Tezos in Asia is to buy Bitcoin on Coinmama and to fund your exchange wallet with a Bitcoin transaction.

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Buy Tezos on Coinmama


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Step 3:
Go to the Tezos (XTZ) market

Search for the XTZ market

XTZ is the abbreviation for Tezos.

Go to the "Exchange" section and type in Tezos or XTZ to find the Tezos market.

Binance Trading Tezos

Select the trading pair

Depending on the funds you deposited you can select a trading pair.

Current available Tezos trading pairs on Binance:

  • XTZ-USD: Select the trading pair to buy Tezos with US Dollar/Tether.
  • XTZ-BTC: Select the trading pair to buy Tezos with Bitcoin.
  • XTZ-BTC: Select the trading pair to buy Tezos with Binance Coin.

Binance Trading Pair Tezos

Step 4:
Trade Tezos

Create an order to trade Tezos.

To buy or sell Tezos you must create an order on the exchange.

There are two main options:

  • Market Order: Executes at best price by working up the order book.
  • Limit Order: Executes at your set price. *PREFERRED*

Enter the quantity and the price (entering of the price not needed on market orders) you want to buy or sell XTZ on BINANCE.

Click on "PLACE BUY ORDER" to execute your buying offer.

Place order for Tezos on Binance

Step 5:
Optional: Withdraw your coins

To withdraw your recently bought coins, go back to "Wallets".

Search for your XTZ balance and click on "withdraw".

Type in your amount and your XTZ wallet address.

Withdraw Tezos from Binance

Recommendation: Withdrawing your funds to your personal Tezos wallet makes you invulnerable to exchange hacks. Keep that in mind.

Find the link on how to create a Tezos wallet and store your XTZ safely in the "Tezos Quicklinks" section below.

Link to Binance

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