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How to buy Tezos with Bitcoin 

How to buy Tezos?

– Easy info page on buying the Tezos coin or XTZ futures –

How to buy Tezos easily?

You can buy the Tezos coin (XTZ) in multiple ways. First you need an account on a cryptocurrency exchange. Second you need to fund your exchange wallet/account with money (dollar, euro etc.) via bank transfer or credit card. Alternatively you can also deposit crypto coins to your exchange wallet if you have some. After that you can buy the Tezos coin. Finished! Just follow the steps below and read or watch the specific tutorials.


Step 1:
Find an exchange with Tezos support

You can read the tutorial or use the exchange search:

Exchange SEARCH

Just enter the payment method and click “Find a place to buy Tezos” . The search will show you where you can buy Tezos for example with Bitcoin or directly with credit card.


Step 2:
Go to an exchange supporting XTZ

Step 3:
Buy Tezos with money or Bitcoin

You need to exchange money (fiat money) or cryptocurrency for Tezos.

Buying Tezos with credit card

Currently purchasing Tezos directly with credit card is possible on:

Best Exchange to buy Tezos United States and worldwide with credit card:

Go to Coinbase (Tezos instant trading)

Best European Tezos exchange to buy with credit card:

Go to Bitpanda (Tezos instant trading)

Please note that Bitpanda is only available in Europe and Canada for buying cryptocurrencies.

We recommend the exchange for Europeans as it has the most available deposit opportunities incl. EUR, CHF & Pound (GBP) deposits

Buy Tezos worldwide with Bitcoin

Buying Tezos is possible worldwide by using Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency

If you want to interact with an exchange you have to buy Bitcoin or other digital currencies like Ethereum, Litecoin or Dash first.

Follow the steps below to convert money into digital currencies:



How to buy Bitcoin to get Tezos

To get Tezos you can buy Bitcoin with Euro, Dollar, Pound, Swiss Franc or any other currency. Here you find a selection of the fastest and most trusted exchanges in Europe and United States to buy Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. 

Easy and fast Bitcoin Exchanges to get Tezos

Here you can find fast, easy and trusted bitcoin exchanges to convert any currency into Bitcoin.

Buy Tezos via

The fastest way to buy Bitcoin in Europe and to get Tezos is via You can use instant payment methods like credit card (Visa or Master Card), Neteller, Skrill or Sofort/Klarna-Transfer to buy BTC, LTC, BCH, XRP & Dash. Also SEPA (not instant) deposits are available.

You can instantly exchange Euro, British Pound and Swiss Franc into Bitcoin or any other available cryptocurrency.

Click here for

Buy Bitcoin via Bitpanda to get Tezos

Buy Tezos via

The easiest way to get Tezos in America is to buy Bitcoin on with US Dollar. 

Afterwards send them to an exchange with XTZ support.

Coinbase supports wire transfers and credit card payments to buy Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin & Ethereum.

Click here for

Buy Tezos on Coinbase

Buy Tezos via provides the purchase of cryptocoins almost worldwide using your credit or debit card.

Currently Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Etherum, Litecoin, Cardano are supported.

The best way to get Tezos in Asia is to buy Bitcoin on Coinmama and to fund your exchange wallet with a Bitcoin transaction.

Click here for

Buy Tezos on Coinmama


coming soon

Step 4:
Fund your exchange wallet to trade Tezos

You must fund your exchange wallet first to trade Tezos. Funding means to send your digital coins you purchased in step 3 to the trading platform. Any exchange provides personal wallets for every customer/trader. You have to look for that wallet addresses. If you found the deposit addresses you have to send your coins over. Just copy paste your deposit address (for example your Bitcoin address) and send the coins to that wallet. Once the transaction is confirmed by the network your deposit will be visible after some time.

Please note that the timeframe after the deposit is visible in your account depends on the sending-frequency of the exchange you bought your cryptocurrency. Also paid mining fees and needed confirmations on the receiving exchange can delay your deposit. Normally your deposit should be visible within 10 to 30 minutes. (even quicker using other cryptocurrencies except Bitcoin, e.g. Ethereum)


Step 5:
Search for a XTZ trading pair

Tezos is normally listed under the abbreviation XTZ. If you have funded your wallet with Bitcoin, search for XTZ/BTC or any other Tezos trading pair.

For example:
XTZ/USD - shows you the Tezos price in US Dollar (for one Tez you get x Dollars)
XTZ/EUR – shows you the Tezos price in Euro (for one Tez you get x Euros)
XTZ/BTC – shows you Tezos price in Bitcoin (for one Tez you get x Bitcoin)

Step 6:
Trade Tezos – Make an order to exchange Bitcoin to XTZ

To buy or trade Tezos you must make a market or a limit order.

What is a market order?

Market orders will execute at the best price. The best price means the current price in the order book = market price. Please note that if the order book is thin or your order is big, this price can vary.

What is a limit order?

A limit order will execute at your defined price, if there is a counterparty who is willing to sell his/her Tezos coins for that price. If nobody wants to accept your offering price, the order will not be executed.


Step 7:
Finalize the purchase/trade

Make sure you entered the correct price and amount you want to buy Tezos. Click finalize and check your Tezos wallet balance.

Only use trusted exchanges. You can find them here:

Where to buy Tezos - Exchange SEARCH

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