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World's largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume. Tezos is fully tradeable.


$ 0.685

Tezos is fully tradeable and distributes baking rewards to its customers.
$ 0.6852

Hong Kong based cryptocurrency exchange. Among the largest digital asset trading platforms.
$ 0.6861

Trusted European cryptocurrency retail broker. Supports multiple payment methods.
$ 0.6883

 Where and how to buy Tezos - Guide


- FAQ: Infos on buying, storing and Tezos in general - 


💡What is Tezos (XTZ)?

Tezos is a fully decentralized blockchain. The network is open-source and supports peer-to-peer transactions and the deployment of smart contracts.

For securing the blockchain and validating transactions the Tezos uses a liquid proof-of-stake model (LPoS). This model is more efficient than the hardware and electricity intense mining of e.g. Bitcoin.

Participants in the proof-of-stake model are called staker, in the Tezos universe called bakers (an analogy to baking (creating new coins)/staking). Bakers get rewarded to validate blocks by participating in the proof-of-stake mechanism.

The units in the Tezos protocol are called Tez. Tez therefore is the unit of the Tezos protocol, the Tezos coin.


🚀Why is Tezos special?

The main advantage of the Tezos protocol is it’s built in on-chain governance model. This allows the protocol to amend itself (or upgrade) based on community proposals. The community can vote on these proposals. There is no hardfork of the blockchain needed to upgrade the protocol.

Secondly Tezos supports formal verification to verify the functionality of smart contracts. This makes it possible to create more secure smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApp). Common use cases for this feature are  for example decentralized exchanges (DEX) or decentralized finance applications (DeFi).

How to buy Tezos with Bitcoin?

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Every digital currency exchange supports Bitcoin payments and numerous other cryptocurrencies to fund a trading account. Using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or others makes it possible to reach every trading platform within minutes. Check for XTZ support using the search above.
Exchange Search

How to buy Tezos using a credit card?

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Currently Bitpanda supports buying Tezos with credit or debit card. Please note that this is only available for EU citizens

Go to Bitpanda (Tezos credit card support)

Currently no other exchanges with Tezos support accepts direct payments with credit or debit cards. At the time Tezos will be on more exchanges, it will be possible to purchase XZT using credit card. Currently the only possibility is to buy Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies (like Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, etc.) and to look for exchanges with XTZ support. Use the search form, select the credit/debit card symbol to find an exchange.
Please note: Currently it is not possible to buy XTZ directly with credit or debit card. To do it indrectly: You have to convert fiat money (like US Dollar, Euro, Pound, Swiss Franc etc.) into cryptocurrency.

Find the Tutorial here: How to buy Tezos (XTZ) Tutorial

Are there other payment methods to get Tezos?

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All payment methods to buy or to invest in Tezos will be added on, if there is the possibility to get XTZ directly using these means of payment.
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What does XTZ mean?

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XTZ is the abbreviation for Tezos. This shorthand symbol is normally used to show you trading pairs and the value of one Tez.
For example:
XTZ/USD - shows you the Tezos price in US Dollar (for one Tez you get x Dollars)
XTZ/EUR – shows you the Tezos price in Euro (for one Tez you get x Euros)
XTZ/BTC – shows you Tezos price in Bitcoin (for one Tez you get x Bitcoin)

What are Tezzies or a Tez?

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Tezzies or one Tez is the measuring unit (or simply the coin) recorded on the Tezos blockchain.
Comparison to Bitcoin:
Like on the Bitcoin blockchain the normal measurement is one Bitcoin (1 BTC). The smallest unit of Bitcoin is called satoshi (one hundred millionth of one Bitcoin; 0.00000001 BTC).
On the Tezos Blockchain one unit is called a Tez. The smallest unit is one cent. One hundredth of one Tez (0.01 Tez).
Source: Tezos Whitepaper – Tezos (XTZ) Whitepaper

What is the current XTZ coin price?

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Find the Tezos cryptocurrency price for one Tez.

Tezos Price

Where can I buy Tezos currently?

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The Tezos blockchain is already released. 
Use the search tool to find a list of exchanges which support Tezos. Exchange Search

What are Tezos futures?

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A futures contract is in general a legal agreement to buy or sell a good or a financial instrument in the future at a predetermined price. This makes it possible to trade Tezos before the official launch. Please note that futures are not the “real Tezos coin”. You can not send futures to your own wallet, store them offline, or sell them on another exchange.

When will the “real Tezos coin” launch?

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The network is already in Mainnet Phase since 17th September 2018. Tezos can be traded, as any other cryptocurrency.

How can I store Tezos? Is there a XTZ wallet?

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Tezos can be stored like every other cryptocurrency or token. Examples can be:
  • Paper wallet
  • Hardware wallet
  • Software wallet
  • Online wallet
Click here for an overview: How to store Tezos (XTZ) - Tezos Wallets






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